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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they top
    he / she / it tops
    past simple topped
    -ing form topping
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    be more
  1. 1top something to be higher than a particular amount Worldwide sales look set to top $1 billion.
  2. be the best
  3. 2top something to be in the highest position on a list because you are the most successful, important, etc. The band topped the charts for five weeks with their first single.
  4. put on top
  5. 3[usually passive] top something (with something) to put something on the top of something else fruit salad topped with yogurt The chapel was topped by a dome of white marble.
  6. say/do something better
  7. 4top something to say or do something that is better, funnier, more impressive, etc. than something that someone else has said or done in the past I'm afraid the other company has topped your offer (= offered more money). He has a house in five European capitals—how do you top that?
  8. climb hill
  9. 5top something (literary) to reach the highest point of a hill, etc.
  10. Idioms
    to top/cap it all (off) (informal)
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    used to introduce the final piece of information that is worse than the other bad things that you have just mentioned And then, to top it all, it started to rain!
    Phrasal Verbstop somethingoff (with something)top somethingoff/uptop out (at something)
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