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 a general direction in which a situation is changing or developing economic/social/political trends trend (toward something) There is a growing trend toward earlier retirement. trend (in something) current trends in language teaching a downward/an upward trend in sales You seem to have set (= started) a new trend. This trend is being reversed (= is going in the opposite direction). One region is attempting to buck (= oppose or resist) the trend of economic decline. The underlying trend of inflation is still upward. Language Bankfalldescribing a decrease Car crime in Greenville fell significantly last year. Car crime fell by about a quarter over a 12-month period. The number of stolen vehicles dropped from 1,013 to 780, a fall of 26 percent. According to these data, 780 vehicles were stolen, down 26% from the previous year. The city saw an 11%drop in reported thefts from motor vehicles from 1,871 to 1,737. These figures show that, as far as car crime is concerned, the main trend is downward.
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