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tripping, tripped1 [intransitive] to catch your foot on something and fall or almost fallShe tripped and fell. trip over/on somethingSomeone will trip on that cable.(figurative)I was tripping over my words in my excitement to tell them the news. trip over/upShe tripped over and skinned her knee.2 [transitive] trip someone (also trip someone up) to catch someone's foot and make them fall or almost fallAs I passed, he stuck out a leg and tried to trip me up.The referee said Smith was tripped and gave him a free throw.3 [intransitive] + adverb/preposition (literary) to walk, run, or dance with quick light stepsShe said goodbye and tripped off along the road.(figurative)a melody with a light tripping rhythm4 [transitive] trip something to release a switch, etc. or to operate something by doing soto trip a switchAny intruders will trip the alarm.5 [intransitive] (informal) to be under the influence of a drug that makes you hallucinateIDIOMS

a trip/walk down memory lane

time that you spend thinking about and remembering the past or going to a place again in order to remind yourself of past experiences
Visiting my old school was a real trip down memory lane.a trip down memory lanea walk down memory lane

roll/slip/trip off the tongue

to be easy to say or pronounce
It's not a name that exactly trips off the tongue, is it?roll/trip off the tongueslip/trip off the tongue

trip up


trip someoneup

to make a mistake; to deliberately make someone do thisRead the questions carefully, because the wording can sometimes trip you up.trip up