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    (truer, truest)
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  1. 1connected with facts rather than things that have been invented or guessed Indicate whether the following statements are true or false. Is it true she's leaving? Can you prove that what you say is true? All the rumors turned out to be true. I think it would be true to say that the show was a success. That's not strictly (= completely) true. The novel is based on a true story. His excuse just doesn't ring (= sound)true. Unfortunately, these findings do not hold true (= are not valid) for women and children. The music is dull and uninspiring, and the same is true of the acting. You never spoke a truer word (= used to emphasize that you agree with what someone has just said). opposite untrue
  2. real
  3. 2real or exact, especially when this is different from how something seems the true face of war (= what it is really like rather than what people think it is like) The true cost of these experiments to the environment will not be known for years to come. He reveals his true character to very few people.
  4. 3[usually before noun] having the qualities or characteristics of the thing mentioned It was true love between them. He's a true gentleman. The painting is a masterpiece in the truest sense of the word. He is credited with inventing the first true helicopter.
  5. admitting fact
  6. 4used to admit that a particular fact or statement is correct, although you think that something else is more important It's true that he could do the job, but would he fit in with the rest of the team? “We could get it cheaper.” “True, but would it be as good?” Language Bankneverthelessconceding a point and making a counterargument While the movie is undoubtedly too long, it is nevertheless an intriguing work of art. It can be argued that the movie is too long. It is nonetheless an intriguing work of art. The movie is undoubtedly too long. Still, it is an intriguing work of art. Of course, huge chunks of the book have been sacrificed in order to make a two-hour movie, but it is nevertheless a successful piece of storytelling. Critics are wrong to argue that the movie's plot is too complicated. Certainly there are a couple of major twists, but audiences will have no difficulty following them. It is true that you cannot make a good movie without a good script, but it is equally true that a talented director can make a good script into an excellent movie. It remains to be seen whether these two movies herald a new era of westerns, but there is no doubt that they represent welcome additions to the genre.
  7. loyal
  8. 5showing respect and support for a particular person or belief in a way that does not change, even in different situations a true friend true to somebody/something She has always been true to herself (= done what she thought was good, right, etc.). He was true to his word (= did what he promised to do). Many were executed for remaining true to their principles. Knights swore to be true to their lord.
  9. accurate
  10. 6true (to something) being an accurate version or copy of something The movie is not true to the book. The painting is a true likeness of her.
  11. 7[not usually before noun] (old-fashioned or literary) straight and accurate His aim was true (= he hit the target).
  12. Thesaurustrueright correctThese words all describe something that cannot be doubted as fact and includes no mistakes.true connected with facts rather than things that have been invented or guessed:Are the following statements true or false? Is it true that she's leaving?right that is true and cannot be doubted as a fact:I got about half the answers right.correct right according to the facts and without any mistakes:Only one of the answers is correct. Check that all the details are correct.right or correct?Correct is more formal than right and is more likely to be used in official or formal instructions or documents.Patterns right/correct about somebody/something the true/right/correct answerWord Familytrue adjective (untrue)truth noun (untruth)truthful adjective (untruthful)truthfully adverbtruly adverbtrue adjective (untrue)truth noun (untruth)truthful adjective (untruthful)truthfully adverbtruly adverbIdioms (of a hope, wish, etc.) to become reality Winning the medal was like a dream come true.
    ring true/hollow/false
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    to give the impression of being sincere/true or not sincere/true It may seem like a strange story but it rings true to me.
    too good to be true
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    used to say that you cannot believe that something is as good as it seems “I'm afraid you were quoted the wrong price.” “I thought it was too good to be true.”
    tried and true
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    that you have used or relied on in the past successfully a tried and true method for solving the problem
    your true colors (often disapproving)
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    your real character, rather than the one that you usually allow other people to see It was only after they got married that he showed himself in his true colors.
    true to form
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    used to say that someone is behaving in the way that you expect them to behave, especially when this is annoying True to form, she managed to upset everyone before leaving.
    true to life
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    (of a book, movie, etc.) seeming real rather than invented I don't think the characters are very true to life.
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