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  1. 1used to emphasize that a particular statement, feeling, etc. is sincere or genuine I'm truly sorry that things had to end like this. I felt truly at home. I do care. Truly, I do! She truly believes that none of this is her fault.
  2. 2used to emphasize a particular quality a truly memorable occasion a truly magnificent performance
  3. 3used to emphasize that a particular description is accurate or correct a truly democratic system of government (informal) Well,really and truly, things were better than expected. He started the first truly international ballet company.
  4. Word Familytrue adjective (untrue)truth noun (untruth)truthful adjective (untruthful)truthfully adverbtruly adverbIdioms
    well and truly (informal)
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    completely By that time we were well and truly lost.
    Yours truly (formal)
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    used at the end of a formal letter before you sign your name
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