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plural truths
/truðz; truθs/
1 the truth [singular] the true facts about something, rather than the things that have been invented or guessedDo you think she's telling the truth?We are determined to get at (= discover) the truth.The truth (of the matter) is we can't afford to keep all the staff on.I don't think you are telling me the whole truth about what happened.The awful truth about his disappearance finally dawned on her.It's the gospel truth (= completely true)!The sad truth is that, at 72, he is past his prime.2 [uncountable] the quality or state of being based on factThere is no truth in the rumors.There is not a grain of truth in what she says.His version of events does contain an element of truth. antonym falsity3 [countable] a fact that is believed by most people to be trueuniversal truthsShe was forced to face up to a few unwelcome truths about her family. see also half-truth, home truth compare untruthIDIOMS

bend the truth

to say something that is not completely true
I wasn't exactly lying when I said I hadn't seen her—I was just bending the truth a little.bend the truth

economical with the truth

a way of saying that someone has left out some important facts, when you do not want to say that they are lying
economical with the truth

if (the) truth be known/told

used to tell someone the true facts about a situation, especially when these are not known by other people
if truth be knownif the truth be knownif truth be toldif the truth be told

in truth

(formal) used to emphasize the true facts about a situationShe laughed and chatted but was, in truth, not having much truth

the moment of truth

a time when someone or something is tested, or when important decisions are made
The moment of truth is when the trainee pilots take over the controls of the plane.the moment of truth

nothing could be further from the truth

used to say that a fact or comment is completely false
She thinks I don't like her but nothing could be further from the truth.nothing could be further from the truth

to tell (you) the truth

(informal) used when admitting somethingTo tell you the truth, I'll be glad to get home.I got a bit bigheaded, to tell the tell the truthto tell you the truth

truth is stranger than fiction

(saying) used to say that things that actually happen are often more surprising than stories that are inventedtruth is stranger than fiction

(the) truth will out

(saying) used to say that people will find out the true facts about a situation even if you try to keep them secrettruth will outthe truth will out