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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they tuck
    he / she / it tucks
    past simple tucked
    -ing form tucking
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  1. 1tuck something + adv./prep. to push, fold, or turn the ends or edges of clothes, paper, etc. so that they are held in place or look neat She tucked up her skirt and waded into the river. The sheets should be tucked in neatly (= around the bed). Tuck the flap of the envelope in.
  2. 2tuck something + adv./prep. to put something into a small space, especially to hide it or keep it safe or comfortable She tucked her hair (up) under her cap. He sat with his legs tucked up under him. The letter had been tucked under a pile of papers.
  3. 3tuck something + adv./prep. to cover someone with something so that they are warm and comfortable She tucked a blanket around his legs.
  4. Phrasal Verbstuck somethingawaytuck somebody in
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