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[not usually before noun] unavailable (to someone/something)
1 that cannot be obtainedSuch luxuries are unavailable to ordinary people.2 not able or not willing to see, meet, or talk to someoneThe Vice President was unavailable for comment. antonym available unavailability
noun [uncountable]Many of the problems were caused by the unavailability of suitable equipment.
Usage noteUsage note: availableavailable adjectivebecomeFigure 4 shows the income of the university from the 1870s, when reliable data became available.make somethingSchools recognize the importance of making physics and mathematics available to all students.currently, immediately, presently|easily, freely, readily|publicly, widely|commerciallyBy the 1960s, computers were widely available in industry and at universities.Quartz sand is often used in water treatment because it is inexpensive and readily, information|optionOf the 234 nations for which data is available from the World Bank, the U.S. claimed a third of the income earned worldwide in 2001.Because Georgian Americans are small in number, less information is available about them than other ethnic groups.availability nounwidespread|limited|readyEconomic development was impressive, with the widespread availability of health and education facilities.The limited availability of clean water creates unsanitary conditions that can cause disease.
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