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    single thing
  1. 1a single thing, person, or group that is complete by itself but can also form part of something larger The cell is the unit of which all living organisms are composed. The basic unit of society is the family.
  2. 2(business) a single item of the type of product that a company sells The game's retail price was $15 per unit. What's the unit cost?
  3. group of people
  4. 3a group of people who work or live together, especially for a particular purpose army/military/police units Medical units were operating in the disaster area.
  5. measurement
  6. 4unit (of something) a fixed quantity, etc. that is used as a standard measurement a unit of time/length/weight a unit of currency, such as the euro or the dollar
  7. furniture
  8. 5a piece of furniture, especially a cupboard, that fits with and matches others of the same type a custom kitchen with white units floor/wall units bedroom/kitchen/storage units
  9. small machine
  10. 6a small machine that has a particular purpose or is part of a larger machine a waste disposal unit the central processing unit of a computer
  11. in textbook
  12. 7one of the parts into which a textbook or a series of lessons is divided The present perfect is covered in Unit 8.
  13. apartment
  14. 8one of the parts or sections that a large building is divided into
  15. in a hospital
  16. 9a department, especially in a hospital, that provides a particular type of care or treatment the intensive care unit a trauma unit
  17. number
  18. 10any whole number from 0 to 9 a column for the tens and a column for the units
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