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1 validate something to prove that something is trueto validate a theory antonym invalidate2 validate something to make something legally validto validate a contract antonym invalidate3 validate something to state officially that something is useful and of an acceptable standardCheck that their courses have been validated by a reputable organization. validation
noun [uncountable, countable]
Usage noteUsage note: validvalid adjectiveofficially or legally acceptable; logical or trueclinically, empirically, experimentally, scientifically, statistically|externally|legally|deductively|equally|universallyAn argument either way could be equally valid.assumption, generalization|hypothesis, theory|methodology, model|instrument|test|finding, result|conclusion, inference|argument, reason|criticismThere were some potential flaws in the study design that made it difficult to draw valid conclusions from these data.seem|remain|consider something, deem something|accept something as, regard something asThe conclusions of these studies remain valid for both large and small numbers of molecules.validate verbassumption|hypothesis, theory|methodology, model|instrument|test|finding, result|conclusion, inference|argument|accuracyThis study validated findings from earlier studies.clinically, empirically, experimentally, scientifically, statistically|externally|extensively|rigorouslyA similar procedure had been scientifically validated.validation nounclinical, empirical, experimental, scientific, statistical|external|extensive|rigorousThis lack of empirical validation has led to psychology's dismissal of Toman's theory.validity nounchallenge, dispute, doubt, question|assess, evaluate, test|affirm, attest to, confirm, demonstrate, verifyThe author questions the validity and reliability of standardized tests.assumption|hypothesis, theory|model|instrument|test|finding, result|conclusion, inference|argumentTwo tests were performed to assess the validity of this theory.Consistent results emerged across the study, which attests to the validity of the findings.
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