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  1. 1a covering of very thin, transparent material worn, especially by women, to protect or hide the face, or as part of a hat, etc. a bridal veil
  2. 2a piece of cloth worn by nuns over the head and shoulders
  3. 3[singular] (formal) something that stops you from learning the truth about a situation Their work is carried out behind a veil of secrecy. It would be better to draw a veil over what happened next (= not talk about it).
  4. 4[singular] (formal) a thin layer that stops you from seeing something The mountain tops were hidden beneath a veil of mist.
  5. 5the veil [singular] the religious system under which Muslim women must wear head coverings in public the history of the veil in Islam synonym hijab
  6. Idioms
    take the veil (old-fashioned)
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    to become a nun
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