Definition of verdict noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary


1 a decision that is made by a jury in court, stating if someone is considered guilty of a crime or notHas the jury reached a verdict?The jury returned a verdict (= gave a verdict ) of guilty. see also majority verdict2 verdict (on something/someone) a decision that you make or an opinion that you give about something, after you have tested it or considered it carefullyThe coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.The panel will give their verdict on the latest video releases.Well, what's your verdict?
Usage noteUsage note: Criminal Justicebreaking the lawbreak/violate/obey/uphold the lawbe investigated/arrested/tried for a crime/a robbery/fraudbe arrested/indicted/convicted on felony charges/on charges of rape/fraudbe arrested on suspicion of arson/robbery/shopliftingbe accused of/be charged with murder/homicide/four counts of fraudface two charges of assault and batteryadmit your guilt/liability/responsibility (for something)deny the allegations/claims/chargesconfess to a crimebe granted/be refused/be released on/skip/jump bailthe legal processstand/await/bring someone to/come to/be on trialtake someone to/come to/settle something out of courtface/avoid/escape prosecutionseek/retain/have the right to/be denied access to legal counselhold/conduct/attend/adjourn a hearing/trialsit on/influence/persuade/convince/advise a jurystand/appear/be brought before a judgeplead guilty/not guilty to a crimebe called to/take/put someone on the stand/the witness standcall/subpoena/question/cross-examine a witnessgive/hear the evidence against/on behalf of someoneraise/withdraw/overrule an objectionreach a unanimous/majority verdictreturn/deliver/record a verdict of guilty/not guiltyconvict/acquit the defendant of the crimesecure a conviction/your acquittallodge/file an appealappeal (against)/challenge/uphold/overturn a conviction/verdictsentencing and punishmentsentence someone to 5 years in prison/2 years' probationcarry/face/serve a seven-year/life sentencereceive/be given the death penaltybe sentenced to ten years (in prison/jail)carry/impose/pay a fine (of $3,000)/a penalty (of 14 years' imprisonment)be imprisoned/jailed for drug possession/fraud/murderdo/serve time/ten yearsbe sent to/put someone in/be released from jail/prisonbe/put someone/spend 13 years on death rowbe granted/be denied/violate (your) parole⇨ more collocations at crime