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    sound from mouth
  1. 1[countable, uncountable] the sound or sounds produced through the mouth by a person speaking or singing I could hear voices in the next room. He recognized Sarah's voice. to speak in a deep/soft/loud/quiet, etc. voice “I promise,” she said in a small voice (= a quiet, shy voice). to raise/lower your voice (= to speak louder/more quietly) Keep your voice down (= speak quietly). Don't take that tone of voice with me! Her voice shook with emotion. “There you are,” said a voice behind me. When did his voice change (= become deep like a man's)? He was suffering from flu and had lost his voice (= could not speak). She has a good singing voice. She was in good voice (= singing well) at the concert tonight.
  2. -voiced
  3. 2(in adjectives) having a voice of the type mentioned low-voiced squeaky-voiced
  4. opinion
  5. 3[singular] voice (in something) the right to express your opinion and influence decisions Employees should have a voice in the decision-making process.
  6. 4[countable] a particular attitude, opinion, or feeling that is expressed; a feeling or an opinion that you become aware of inside yourself He pledged that his party would listen to the voice of the people. Very few dissenting voices were heard on the right of the party. the voice of reason/sanity/conscience “Coward!” a tiny inner voice insisted.
  7. grammar
  8. 5[singular] the active/passive voice the form of a verb that shows whether the subject of a sentence performs the action (the active voice) or is affected by it (the passive voice)
  9. phonetics
  10. 6[uncountable] sound produced by movement of the vocal cords used in the pronunciation of vowels and some consonants see also voiced, voiceless
  11. Idioms
    at the top of your voice/lungs
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    as loudly as possible She was screaming at the top of her voice.
    find your voice/tongue
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    to be able to speak or express your opinion
    give voice to something
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    to express your feelings, worries, etc. Many workers at the meeting gave voice to their fears about job security.
    like, etc. the sound of your own voice (disapproving)
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    to like talking a lot or too much, usually without wanting to listen to other people She's much too fond of the sound of her own voice.
    make your voice heard
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    to express your feelings, opinions, etc. in a way that makes people notice and consider them The program gives ordinary viewers a chance to make their voices heard.
    a/the still small voice (literary)
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    the voice of God or your conscience, that tells you to do what is morally right
    with one voice
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    as a group; with everyone agreeing The various opposition parties speak with one voice on this issue.
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