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    (warmer, warmest)
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    at pleasant temperature
  1. 1at a fairly high temperature in a way that is pleasant, rather than being hot or cold a warm breeze Wash the blouse in warm soapy water. It's nice and warm in here. Are you warm enough? The children jumped up and down to keep warm. You'll be toasty warm in here. Heat the bread until it is warm to the touch. Wait for the warmer weather before putting the plants in the garden. The sun felt warm on his skin. I can't seem to get warm.
  2. clothes/buildings
  3. 2keeping you warm or staying warm in cold weather a warm pair of socks This sleeping bag is very warm. a warm house
  4. friendly
  5. 3showing enthusiasm and/or affection; friendly His smile was warm and friendly. The speaker was given a warm welcome/reception. Please send her my warmest congratulations. Her comments were greeted with warm applause.
  6. colors
  7. 4(of colors) containing red, orange, or yellow, which creates a pleasant, comfortable, and relaxed feeling or atmosphere The room was decorated in warm shades of red and orange.
  8. in game
  9. 5[not before noun] used to say that someone has almost guessed the answer to something or that they have almost found someone or something that has been hidden Keep guessing — you're getting warmer.
    adverb They were warmly dressed in coats and scarves. The play was warmly received by the critics. see also warmth
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