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    (weaker, weakest)
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    not physically strong
  1. 1not physically strong She is still weak after her illness. His legs felt weak. She suffered from a weak heart.
  2. likely to break
  3. 2that cannot support a lot of weight; likely to break That bridge is too weak for heavy traffic.
  4. without power
  5. 3easy to influence; not having much power a weak and cowardly man In a weak moment (= when I was easily persuaded) I said she could borrow the car. a weak leader The unions have always been weak in this industry.
  6. poor/sick people
  7. 4the weak noun [plural] people who are poor, sick, or without power
  8. currency/economy
  9. 5not strong or successful a weak currency The economy is very weak.
  10. not good at something
  11. 6not good at something a weak team weak in something I was always weak in the science subjects.
  12. not convincing
  13. 7that people are not likely to believe or be persuaded by synonym unconvincing weak arguments I enjoyed the movie but I thought the ending was very weak.
  14. hard to see/hear
  15. 8not easily seen or heard a weak light/signal/sound
  16. without enthusiasm
  17. 9done without enthusiasm or energy a weak smile He made a weak attempt to look cheerful.
  18. liquid
  19. 10a weak liquid contains a lot of water weak tea
  20. point/spot
  21. 11weak point/spot the part of a person's character, an argument, etc. that is easy to attack or criticize The team's weak points are in defense. He knew her weak spot where Steve was concerned.
  22. grammar
  23. 12a weak verb forms the past tense and past participle by adding a regular ending and not by changing a vowel. In English this is done by adding -d, -ed or -t (for example walk, walked)
  24. phonetics
  25. 13(of the pronunciation of some words) used when there is no stress on the word. For example, the weak form of and is/ən/ or/n/, as in bread and butter/brɛd n bʌt̮ər/ opposite strong
  26. Idioms
    weak at/in the knees (informal)
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    hardly able to stand because of emotion, fear, illness, etc. His sudden smile made her go weak in the knees.
    the weak link (in the chain)
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    the point at which a system or an organization is most likely to fail She went straight for the one weak link in the chain of his argument.
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