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    (abbreviation wk.)
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  1. 1a period of seven days, either from Monday to Sunday or from Sunday to Saturday last/this/next week It rained all week. What day of the week is it? He comes to see us once a week.
  2. 2any period of seven days a two-week vacation The course lasts five weeks. a week ago today (= seven days ago) I will be away for a couple of weeks. She'll be back in a week.
  3. 3the five days other than Saturday and Sunday They live in town during the week and go to the country for the weekend.
  4. 4the part of the week when you go to work a 35-hour week see also workweek
  5. Idioms
    the other day/morning/evening/week
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    recently I saw Jack the other day.
    week after week (informal)
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    continuously for many weeks Week after week the drought continued.
    week by week
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    as the weeks pass Week by week he grew a little stronger.
    week in, week out
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    happening every week Every Sunday, week in, week out, she goes to her parents for lunch.
    a week (from) today, etc.
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     seven days after the day that you mention I'll see you a week from Thursday.
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