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    (wetter, wettest)
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  1. 1covered with or containing liquid, especially water wet clothes wet grass You'll get wet (= in the rain) if you go out now. Try not to get your shoes wet. His face was wet with tears. We were all soaking wet (= extremely wet). Her hair was still dripping wet. My shirt was wet through (= completely wet).
  2. 2(of weather, etc.) with rain a wet day a wet climate It's wet outside. It's going to be wet tomorrow. It was the wettest October for many years. The weather will be wet and windy in the south.
  3. 3(of paint, ink, etc.) not yet dry Keep off! Wet paint.
  4. 4if a child or its diaper is wet, its diaper is full of urine
    adverb Her clothes were clinging wetly to her body.
  6. Thesauruswetmoist damp soaked drenched saturatedThese words all describe things covered with or full of liquid, especially water.wet covered with or full of liquid, especially water:The car skidded on the wet road. You'll get wet (= in the rain) if you go out now.moist slightly wet, often in a way that is pleasant or useful:a rich, moist cakedamp slightly wet, often in a way that is unpleasant:The cabin was cold and damp.soaked (somewhat informal) very wet:You're soaked through! (= completely wet)drenched very wet:We got caught in the storm and were drenched to the skin.soaked or drenched?Both of these words can be used with with or in:soaked/drenched with/in sweat/blood. Soaked, but not usually drenched, can also be used before a noun:their soaked clothes their drenched clothessaturated very wet:The ground is completely saturated: it would be pointless to plant anything.Patterns wet/moist/damp/soaked/drenched/saturated with something soaked/drenched in something somebody's coat/shirt/shoes/clothes/hair is/are wet/damp/soaked/drenched wet/moist/damp/saturated ground/soil
    noun [uncountable]
  8. Idioms
    all wet (informal)
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    completely wrong
    get your feet wet (informal)
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    to start doing something that is new for you At that time he was a young actor, just getting his feet wet.
    (still) wet behind the ears (informal) (disapproving)
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    young and without much experience synonym naive He was still wet behind the ears, politically.
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