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    determiner, pronoun
    , NAmE//wɑt̮ˈɛvər//
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  1. 1any or every; anything or everything Take whatever action is needed. Do whatever you like.
  2. 2used when you are saying that it does not matter what someone does or what happens, because the result will be the same Whatever decision he made I would support it. You have our support, whatever you decide.
  3. 3(informal) (ironic) used as a reply to tell someone that you do not care what happens or that you are not interested in what they are talking about “You should try an herbal remedy.” “Yeah, whatever.”
  4. 4(informal) used to say that you do not mind what you do, have, etc. and that anything is acceptable “What would you like to do today?” “Oh, whatever is fine with me.”
  5. Idioms
    or whatever (informal)
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    or something of a similar type It's the same in any situation: in a prison, hospital, or whatever.
    whatever you do
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    used to warn someone not to do something under any circumstances Don't tell Paul, whatever you do!
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