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    pronoun, determiner
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  1. 1used in questions to ask someone to be exact about one or more people or things from a limited number Which is better exercise—swimming or tennis? Which of the applicants got the job? Which of the patients have recovered? Which way is the wind blowing? compare what
  2. 2used to give more information about something, or make a comment on something His best movie, which won several awards, was about the life of Gandhi. We had to wait 16 hours for our plane, which was really annoying. Your claim should succeed,in which case the damages will be substantial. That cannot be used instead of which in this meaning.
  3. 3used to be exact about the thing or things that you mean It was a crisis for which she was totally unprepared. In this meaning which is usually used after a preposition; it can be used when there is no preposition, but that is usually preferred:Houses that overlook the lake cost more.That is not used immediately after a preposition:It was a crisis that she was totally unprepared for.
  4. Idioms
    which is which
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    used to talk about distinguishing one person or thing from another The twins are so alike I can't tell which is which.