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  1. 1[uncountable, countable] metal in the form of thin thread; a piece of this a coil of copper wire a wire basket The box was fastened with a rusty wire. see also barbed wire, high wire, tripwire
  2. 2[countable, uncountable] a piece of wire that is used to carry an electric current or signal overhead wires fuse wire The telephone wires had been cut. see also hot-wire
  3. 3the wire [singular] a wire fence Three prisoners escaped by crawling under the wire.
  4. 4[countable] (informal) = telegram We sent a wire asking him to join us. see also wiry
  5. Idioms
    get your wires crossed (informal)
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    to become confused about what someone has said to you so that you think they meant something else We seem to have gotten our wires crossed. I thought you were coming on Tuesday.
    go, come, etc. (right) down to the wire (informal)
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    if you say that a situation goes down to the wire, you mean that the result will not be decided or known until the very end
    a live wire
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    a person who is lively and full of energy
    pull strings (for somebody) (also pull wires) (informal)
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    to use your influence in order to get an advantage for someone
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