Definition of working adjective from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



[only before noun]1 having a job for which you are paid synonym employedthe working populationa working mother see also hard-working2 connected with your job and the time you spend doing itlong working hourspoor working conditionsI have a good working relationship with my boss.She spent most of her working life as a teacher.recent changes in working practices3 a working breakfast or lunch is one at which you discuss business4 used as a basis for work, discussion, etc. but likely to be changed or improved in the futurea working theoryHave you decided on a working title for your thesis yet?5 if you have a working knowledge of something, you can use it at a basic level6 the working parts of a machine are the parts that move in order to make it function7 a working majority is a small majority that is enough to enable a government to win votes in the government and make new lawsIDIOM

in running/working order

(especially of machines) working wellThe engine is now in perfect working running orderin working order