Definition of worth noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



[uncountable]1 ten dollars', $40, etc. worth of something an amount of something that has the value mentionedWe lost $2,000 worth of furniture in the flood.a dollar's worth of change2 a week's, month's, etc. worth of something an amount of something that lasts a week, etc.3 the financial, practical, or moral value of someone or somethingTheir contribution was of great worth.The activities help children to develop a sense of their own worth.A good interview enables candidates to prove their worth (= show how good they are).a personal net worth of $10 millionIDIOMS

get your money's worth

to get enough value or enjoyment out of something, considering the amount of money, time, etc. that you are spending on it
Let's spend all day there and really get our money's worth.get your money's worth

put in your two cents/your two cents' worth

(informal) to give your opinion about something, even if other people do not want to hear itput in your two cents two cents' worthput in your two your two cents' worth
Usage noteUsage note: pricecost value expense worthThese words all refer to the amount of money that you have to pay for something.price the amount of money that you have to pay for an item or a service: house prices These shoes don't have a price on them. I can't afford it at that price.cost the amount of money that you need in order to buy, make, or do something: A new computer system has been installed at a cost of $180,000.value how much something is worth in money or other goods for which it can be exchanged: Sports cars tend to hold their value well.note Value can also mean how much something is worth compared with its price: This restaurant is an excellent value (= is worth the money it costs).price, cost, or value?The price is what someone asks you to pay for an item or service: to ask/charge a high price to ask/charge a high cost/value. Obtaining or achieving something may have a cost; the value of something is how much other people would be willing to pay for it: house prices the cost of changing jobs The house now has a market value of one million dollars.expense the money that you spend on something; something that makes you spend money: The garden was expanded at great expense. Owning a car is a major expense.worth the financial value of someone or something: He has a personal net worth of $10 million.note Worth is more often used to mean the practical or moral value of something.patternsthe high price/cost/valuethe real/true price/cost/value/worthto put/set a price/value on somethingto increase/reduce the price/cost/value/expenseto raise/double/lower the price/cost/valueto cut the price/cost