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  1. 1 ten dollars', $40, etc. worth of something an amount of something that has the value mentioned We lost $2,000 worth of furniture in the flood. a dollar's worth of change
  2. 2a week's, month's, etc. worth of something an amount of something that lasts a week, etc.
  3. 3the financial, practical, or moral value of someone or something Their contribution was of great worth. The activities help children to develop a sense of their own worth. A good interview enables candidates to prove their worth (= show how good they are). a personal net worth of $10 million
  4. Idioms
    get your money's worth
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    to get enough value or enjoyment out of something, considering the amount of money, time, etc. that you are spending on it Let's spend all day there and really get our money's worth.
    put in your two cents/your two cents' worth(informal)
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    to give your opinion about something, even if other people do not want to hear it
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