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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they wring
    he / she / it wrings
    past simple wrung
    -ing form wringing
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  1. 1wring something (out) to twist and squeeze clothes, etc. in order to get the water out of them
  2. 2wring something if you wring a bird's neck, you twist it in order to kill the bird
  3. Idioms
    wring somebody's hand
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    to squeeze someone's hand very tightly when you shake hands
    wring your hands
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    to hold your hands together, and twist and squeeze them in a way that shows you are anxious or upset, especially when you cannot change the situation see also handwringing
    wring somebody's neck (informal)
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    when you say that you will wring someone's neck, you mean that you are very angry or annoyed with them
    Phrasal Verbswring something from/out of somebody
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