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    not correct
  1. 1not right or correct I got all the answers wrong. He was driving on the wrong side of the road. Sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number. You're holding the camera the wrong way up! That picture is the wrong way around. opposite right
  2. 2[not before noun] (of a person) not right about something or someone synonym mistaken I think she lives at number 44, but I could be wrong. wrong (about something/somebody) You were wrong about Tom; he's not married after all. wrong (to do something) We were wrong to assume that she'd agree. She would prove him wrong (= prove that he was wrong) whatever happened. (informal) You think you've beaten me but that's where you're wrong. (informal) Correct me if I'm wrong (= I may be wrong) but didn't you say you two knew each other?
  3. causing problems
  4. 3[not before noun] causing problems or difficulties; not as it should be Is anything wrong? You look worried. What's wrong?” “Oh, nothing.” wrong with somebody/something There's something wrong with the printer. The doctor could find nothing wrong with him. Ihave something wrong with my foot.
  5. not suitable
  6. 4[usually before noun] not suitable, right or what you need wrong (something) (for something) He's the wrong person for the job. wrong (something to do) I realized that it was the wrong thing to say. We don't want this document falling into the wrong hands. It was his bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (= so that he got involved in trouble without intending to).
  7. not morally right
  8. 5[not usually before noun] not morally right or honest This man has done nothing wrong. wrong (of/for somebody) (to do something) It is wrong to tell lies. It was wrong of me to get so angry. wrong with something/with doing something What's wrong with eating meat? wrong that… It is wrong that he should not be punished for what he did.
    noun [uncountable] (formal)
  10. Thesauruswrongfalse mistaken incorrect inaccurate misguided untrueThese words all describe something that is not right or correct, or someone who is not right about something.wrong not right or correct; (of a person) not right about something:I got all the answers wrong. We were wrong to assume that she'd agree.false not true or correct; wrong because it is based on something that is not true or correct:A whale is a fish. True or false? She gave false information to the insurance company.mistaken wrong in your opinion or judgment; based on a wrong opinion or bad judgment:You're completely mistaken about Jane.incorrect (somewhat formal) wrong according to the facts; containing mistakes:Many of the statistics were incorrect.inaccurate wrong according to the facts; containing mistakes:The report was badly researched and fairly inaccurate.incorrect or inaccurate?A fact, figure, or spelling that is wrong is incorrect; information, a belief, or a description based on incorrect facts can be incorrect or inaccurate; something that is produced, such as a film, report, or map, that contains incorrect facts is inaccurate.misguided wrong because you have understood or judged a situation badly:In her misguided attempts to help, she only made the situation worse.untrue not based on facts, but invented or guessed:These accusations are totally untrue.Patterns to be wrong/mistaken about something wrong/false/mistaken/incorrect/inaccurate information a(n) false/mistaken/incorrect/inaccurate/misguided belief a(n) wrong/incorrect answer
    be barking up the wrong tree (informal)
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    to have the wrong idea about how to get or achieve something You're barking up the wrong tree if you think we'd lend you money again.
    from/on the wrong side of the tracks
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    from or living in a poor area or part of town
    get on the right/wrong side of somebody
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    to make someone pleased with you/annoyed with you
    get up on the wrong side of the bed
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    to be in a bad mood for the whole day for no particular reason
    hit/strike the right/wrong note
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    to do, say, or write something that is suitable/not suitable for a particular occasion It is a bizarre tale and the author hits just the right note of horror and disbelief.
    not far off/wrong (informal)
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    almost correct Your guess wasn't far off at all.
    on the right/wrong track
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    thinking or behaving in the right/wrong way We haven't found a cure yet—but we are on the right track.
    on the wrong side of the law
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    in trouble with the police
    rub somebody the wrong way (informal)
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    to make someone annoyed or angry, often without intending to, by doing or saying something that offends them She tends to rub people the wrong way.
    take something the wrong way
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    to be offended by a remark that was not intended to be offensive She always takes things the wrong way.
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