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  •  (used after verbs) in a way that produces a result that is not correct or that you do not want My name is spelled wrong. The program won't load. What am Idoing wrong? I was trying to apologize but it came out wrong (= what I said sounded wrong). “I thought you were going out.” “Well you must have thought wrong, then!” opposite right
  • Which Word?wrong / wrongly / wrongfullyIn informal language, wrong can be used as an adverb instead of wrongly when it means “incorrectly” and comes after a verb or its object:My name was spelled wrong. I’m afraid you guessed wrong.Wrongly is used before a past participle or a that clause:He was wrongly targeted by the media. She guessed wrongly that he was a teacher.Wrongfully is often used in a formal legal situation with words like convicted, dismissed, and imprisoned.Idioms
    get somebody wrong (informal)
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    to not understand correctly what someone means Don't get me wrong (= do not be offended by what I am going to say), I think he's doing a good job, but…
      get something (all) wrong (informal)
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    1. 1to not understand a situation correctly No, you've got it all wrong. She's his wife.
    2. 2to make a mistake with something I must have gotten the figures wrong. It looks like they got their predictions wrong again.
    1. 1to make a mistake If you do what she tells you, you can't go wrong. Where did we go wrong with those kids (= what mistakes did we make for them to behave so badly)?
    2. 2to experience problems or difficulties The relationship started to go wrong when they moved abroad. What else can go wrong (= what other problems are we going to have)?
    you can't go wrong (with something) (informal)
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    used to say that something will always be acceptable in a particular situation For a quick lunch you can't go wrong with pasta.
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