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  1. 1an area or a region with a particular feature or use a security/demilitarized, an earthquake/danger, a pedestrian zone (= where vehicles may not go) see also no-fly zone, time zone, twilight
  2. 2one of the areas that a larger area is divided into for the purpose of organization postal charges to countries in zone 2
  3. 3an area or a part of an object, especially one that is different from its surroundings When the needle enters the red zone, the engine is too hot. the erogenous zones of the body see also crumple zone
  4. 4one of the parts that the earth's surface is divided into by imaginary lines that are parallel to the equator the northern/southern temperate zone
  5. Idioms
    in the zone (informal)
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    in a state in which you feel confident and are performing at your best When I'm in the zone, writing is the most satisfying thing in the world.
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