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    BrE BrE//əkˈsesəri//
    ; NAmE NAmE//əkˈsesəri//
    (pl. accessories) Criminals, Accessories, Departments in stores
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  1. 1[usually plural] an extra piece of equipment that is useful but not essential or that can be added to something else as a decoration bicycle accessories a range of furnishings and accessories for the home
  2. 2[usually plural] a thing that you can wear or carry that matches your clothes, for example a belt or a bag fashion accessories to dress up your wardrobe See related entries: Accessories, Departments in stores
  3. 3(law) a person who helps somebody to commit a crime or who knows about it and protects the person from the police an accessory before/after the fact (= before/after the crime was committed) accessory to something He was charged with being an accessory to murder. See related entries: Criminals
  4. Word Originlate Middle English: from medieval Latin accessorius ‘additional thing’, from Latin access- ‘increased’, from the verb accedere, from ad- ‘to’ + cedere ‘give way, yield’.Extra examples This silk scarf is the perfect accessory for stylish summer evenings. an accessory to murder Her husband was convicted as an accessory before/​after the fact. Our catalogue now includes a range of furnishings and accessories for the home. We stock a large range of bicycle accessories. Why not invest in some fashion accessories to dress up your wardrobe?
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