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    BrE BrE//əˈɡresɪv//
    ; NAmE NAmE//əˈɡresɪv//
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  1. 1  angry, and behaving in a threatening way; ready to attack He gets aggressive when he's drunk. a dangerous aggressive dog See related entries: Anger
  2. 2  acting with force and determination in order to succeed an aggressive advertising campaign A good salesperson has to be aggressive in today's competitive market.
  3. Word Originearly 19th cent.: from Latin aggress- ‘attacked’ (from the verb aggredi) + -ive; compare with French agressif, -ive.Extra examples Dogs of this breed can be aggressive with other dogs. He warned that his dog was aggressive towards strangers. Her mood became openly aggressive when his name was mentioned. Watching violence on TV makes some children more aggressive. the company’s highly aggressive marketing techniques As a teenager George was aggressive and moody. He thrilled the crowd with his aggressive driving style on the track. I was put off by his aggressive sales pitch. It is important at all times to discourage aggressive behaviour in young children. They embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign. We need to be more aggressive in our strategy.
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