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    BrE BrE//ˈælbəm//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈælbəm//
    Listening to music, Producing music
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  1. 1a book in which you keep photographs, stamps, etc. a photo album an online album (= a website where you can store and view photographs)
  2. 2a collection of pieces of music released as a single item, usually on a CD or on the Internet the band’s latest album an online album (= an album that you can listen to on the Internet) CollocationsMusicListening listen to/​enjoy/​love/​be into music/​classical music/​jazz/​pop/​hip-hop, etc. listen to the radio/​an MP3 player/​a CD put on/​play a CD/​a song/​some music turn down/​up the music/​radio/​volume/​bass go to a concert/​festival/​gig/​performance/​recital copy/​burn/​rip music/​a CD/​a DVD download music/​an album/​a song/​a demo/​a videoPlaying play a musical instrument/​the piano/​percussion/​a note/​a riff/​the melody/​a concerto/​a duet/​by ear sing an anthem/​a ballad/​a solo/​an aria/​the blues/​in a choir/​soprano/​alto/​tenor/​bass/​out of tune hum a tune/​a theme tune/​a lullaby accompany a singer/​choir strum a chord/​guitarPerforming form/​start/​get together/​join/​quit/​leave a band give a performance/​concert/​recital do a concert/​recital/​gig play a concert/​gig/​festival/​venue perform (British English) at/​in a concert/(especially North American English) a concert appear at a festival/​live go on/​embark on a (world) tourRecording write/​compose music/​a ballad/​a melody/​a tune/​a song/​a theme song/​an opera/​a symphony land/​get/​sign a record deal be signed to/​be dropped by a record company record/​release/​put out an album/​a single/​a CD be top of/​top the charts get to/​go straight to/​go straight in at/​enter the charts at number one compare single See related entries: Listening to music, Producing music
  3. Word Originearly 17th cent.: from Latin, neuter of albus ‘white’ used as a noun meaning ‘a blank tablet’. Taken into English from the German use of the Latin phrase album amicorum ‘album of friends’ (a blank book in which autographs, drawings, poems, etc. were collected), it was originally used consciously as a Latin word.Extra examples His latest album comes out in the spring. I keep the photographs in an album. It’s the singer’s first solo album. She has not put out a new album this year. The band is working on a concept album about Nostradamus. The singer recorded her second album in Los Angeles. Their best-selling album has won three awards. Their new album has been getting good reviews. You can download an entire album with a click of a mouse.
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