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    BrE BrE//ˈeniθɪŋ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈeniθɪŋ//
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  1. 1  used instead of something in negative sentences and in questions; after if/whether; and after verbs such as prevent, ban, avoid, etc. Would you like anything else? There's never anything worth watching on TV. If you remember anything at all, please let us know. We hope to prevent anything unpleasant from happening. The difference between anything and something is the same as the difference between any and some. Look at the notes there.
  2. 2  any thing at all, when it does not matter which I'm so hungry, I'll eat anything.
  3. 3any thing of importance Is there anything (= any truth) in these rumours?
  4. Idioms definitely not The hotel was anything but cheap. It wasn't cheap. Anything but.
    anything like somebody/something
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     (informal) (used in questions and negative statements) similar to somebody/something He isn't anything like my first boss.
    as happy, quick, etc. as anything
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    (informal) very happy, quick, etc. I felt as pleased as anything.
    (British English, informal) very much They're always slagging me off like anything.
    not anything like as good, much, etc.
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    used to emphasize that something is not as good, not enough, etc. The book wasn't anything like as good as her first one.
    (informal) definitely not I wouldn't give it up for anything. (informal) or another thing of a similar type If you want to call a meeting or anything, just let me know.
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