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    BrE BrE//əˈraɪvl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//əˈraɪvl//
    Plane travel
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  1. 1  [uncountable, countable] an act of coming or being brought to a place Guests receive dinner on/upon arrival at the hotel. We apologize for the late arrival of the train. the arrival of the mail in the morning daily arrivals of refugees There are 120 arrivals and departures every day. opposite departure See related entries: Plane travel
  2. 2  [countable] a person or thing that comes to a place The first arrivals at the concert got the best seats. early/late/new arrivals We're expecting a new arrival (= a baby) in the family soon.
  3. 3  [uncountable] the time when a new technology or idea is introduced the arrival of pay TV
  4. Word Originlate Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French arrivaille, from Old French arriver, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ + ripa ‘shore’.Extra examples At 11 p.m. Jody made his timely arrival. Guests receive dinner upon arrival at the hotel. I told her of my brother’s expected arrival. Our estimated time of arrival is 7.15. Security escorts will ensure their safe arrival. Someone should stay here to meet the late arrivals. The club has a dinner to welcome new arrivals to the town. The staff greeted the arrival of the new boss with excitement. The timely arrival of the cheque took away the need to borrow money. They were saved by the arrival on the scene of another boat. We’re expecting a new arrival in the family soon. We’re expecting a new arrival= a baby in the family soon. Which airline has the worst on-time arrivals? With the arrival of John’s friends, the party became really enjoyable. a crowd awaiting the arrival of the film star a frost in the air which marked the arrival of winter his arrival at the airport the timely arrival of the letter their arrival in Dallas A rainstorm greeted our arrival. He met her soon after his arrival in Scotland. Her arrival was a complete surprise. I was a new arrival in the country then. News spread of the imminent arrival of the detective. Somebody needs to be here to greet the late arrivals. Tea will be served on arrival at the hotel. The driver was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. The family are recent arrivals from South Africa. The first arrivals are going through immigration control now. The number of arrivals of refugees is growing every day. The princess’s unexpected arrival threw catering staff into a panic. The sound of the doorbell announced her arrival. Their estimated time of arrival (ETA) is now 4:45. There are 30 arrivals and departures at the ferry terminal daily. There are plenty of jobs for arrivals from eastern Europe. Thousands of fans were awaiting their arrival. We apologize for the late arrival of the Paris train. We are delighted to welcome two new arrivals to the firm this month.Idioms
      dead on arrival (abbreviation DOA)
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    1. 1(of an accident victim or other patient) already dead when arriving at hospital She was pronounced dead on arrival. He didn’t even make it to hospital: DOA. Many of the casualties were dead on arrival.
    2. 2(North American English, informal) very unlikely to be successful; not working when it is delivered The bill was dead on arrival in the Senate. The software was DOA.
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