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    BrE BrE//ˈɑːtɪst//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈɑːrtɪst//
    Art equipment, Professions
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  1. 1  a person who creates works of art, especially paintings or drawings an exhibition of work by contemporary British artists a graphic artist a make-up artist Police have issued an artist's impression of her attacker. In Paris she met a group of young artists: poets, film-makers and painters. (figurative) Whoever made this cake is a real artist. CollocationsFine artsCreating art make a work of art/​a drawing/​a sketch/​a sculpture/​a statue/​engravings/​etchings/​prints do an oil painting/​a self-portrait/​a line drawing/​a rough sketch create a work of art/​an artwork/​paintings and sculptures produce paintings/​portraits/​oil sketches/​his most celebrated work/​a series of prints paint a picture/​landscape/​portrait/​mural/​in oils/​in watercolours/(especially US English) in watercolors/​on canvas draw a picture/​a portrait/​a cartoon/​a sketch/​a line/​a figure/​the human form/​in charcoal/​in ink sketch a preliminary drawing/​a figure/​a shape carve a figure/​an image/​a sculpture/​an altarpiece/​reliefs/​a block of wood sculpt a portrait bust/​a statue/​an abstract figure etch a line/​a pattern/​a design/​a name into the glass mix colours/(especially US English) colors/​pigments/​paints add/​apply thin/​thick layers of paint/​colour/(especially US English) color/​pigment use oil pastels/​charcoal/​acrylic paint/​a can of spray paint work in bronze/​ceramics/​stone/​oils/​pastels/​watercolour/​a wide variety of mediaDescribing art paint/​depict a female figure/​a biblical scene/​a pastoral landscape/​a domestic interior depict/​illustrate a traditional/​mythological/​historical/​religious theme create an abstract composition/​a richly textured surface/​a distorted perspective paint dark/​rich/​skin/​flesh tones use broad brush strokes/​loose brushwork/​vibrant colours/​a limited palette/​simple geometric forms develop/​adopt/​paint in a stylized manner/​an abstract styleShowing and selling art commission an altarpiece/​a bronze bust of somebody/​a portrait/​a religious work/​an artist to paint something frame a painting/​portrait hang art/​a picture/​a painting display/​exhibit modern art/​somebody’s work/​a collection/​original artwork/​drawings/​sculptures/​a piece be displayed/​hung in a gallery/​museum install/​place a sculpture in/​at/​on something erect/​unveil a bronze/​marble/​life-size statue hold/​host/​mount/​open/​curate/​see an exhibition (especially British English)/(usually North American English) an exhibit be/​go on (British English) exhibition/(North American English) exhibit feature/​promote/​showcase a conceptual artist/​contemporary works collect African art/​modern British paintings/​Japanese prints restore/​preserve a fresco/​great works of art See related entries: Art equipment, Professions
  2. 2  (also artiste
    BrE BrE//ɑːˈtiːst//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɑːrˈtiːst//
    a professional entertainer such as a singer, a dancer or an actor a recording/solo artist Among the artistes appearing on our show tonight we have… He was a true artiste: sensitive, dramatic and tragic.
  3. Word Originearly 16th cent. (denoting a master of the liberal arts): from French artiste, from Italian artista, from arte ‘art’, from Latin ars, art-.Extra examples He is a serious artist, and totally committed to his work. In 1942 the city commissioned war artist John Piper to paint its bombed cathedral. Local artists are currently exhibiting their work at the gallery. Local watercolour artists are currently exhibiting their work in the town hall. My husband is a real artist in the kitchen. She set up the gallery so that up-and-coming artists could exhibit their work. The Blue Note Quartet will be the guest artists tomorrow night. The agency began to represent Chinese artists. The artists explored common themes. The festival featured artists such John McLaughlin and Russell Malone. The festival featured up-and-coming young artists. The museum’s featured artists include Degas, Cézanne and Renoir. a group of artists who specialize in jazz-themed art an artist who paints in oils an exhibition featuring wildlife artist Emma Gray artists who work in different media the new artist in residence at the Tate Gallery A mime artist’s movements must be clear to the audience. After the band broke up, Joe relaunched his career as a solo artist. Caruso was probably the most popular recording artist of his time. Even the most beautiful celebrities need the services of a make-up artist. In Paris she met a group of young artists: poets, film-makers and painters. Police have issued an artist’s impression of her attacker. The advertisement was designed professionally by a graphic artist.
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