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    BrE BrE//æθˈletɪks//
    ; NAmE NAmE//æθˈletɪks//
    [uncountable] Athletics
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  1. 1(British English) (North American English track and field) sports such as running and jumping that people compete in See related entries: Athletics
  2. 2(North American English) any sports that people compete in students involved in all forms of college athletics More Like This Uncountable nouns ending in –ics athletics, ballistics, civics, cybernetics, genetics, geophysics, gymnastics, linguistics, optics, orthodontics, orthopaedics, phonetics, phonics, physics, semantics, semiotics, stylistics, thermodynamicsSee worksheet.
  3. Extra examplesHow long has she been competing on the international athletics circuit? My daughter wants to compete in athletics. She didn’t take up athletics until she was 20. the hardest event of her athletics career
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