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    BrE BrE//əˈwɔːd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//əˈwɔːrd//
    Exams and degrees
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  1. 1  [countable] (often in names of particular awards) a prize such as money, etc. for something that somebody has done He was nominated for the best actor award. an award presentation/ceremony the Housing Design Award award for something to win/receive/get an award for something see also Academy Award™
  2. 2[countable] an increase in the amount of money somebody earns an annual pay award
  3. 3[countable, uncountable] the amount of money that a court decides should be given to somebody who has won a case; the decision to give this money an award of £600 000 in libel damages
  4. 4[uncountable] the official decision to give something (such as a diploma ) to somebody Satisfactory completion of the course will lead to the award of the Diploma of Social Work. See related entries: Exams and degrees
  5. 5[countable] (British English) money that students get to help pay for living costs while they study or do research a mandatory/discretionary award an award holder (= the person who has been given an award) He is eligible for the basic award.
  6. Word Originlate Middle English (in the sense ‘issue a judicial decision’, also denoting the decision itself): from Anglo-Norman French awarder, variant of Old French esguarder ‘consider, ordain’, from es- (from Latin ex ‘thoroughly’) + guarder ‘watch (over)’, based on a word of Germanic origin related to ward; compare with guard.Extra examples His goalkeeping won him the man of the match award. She received an award from the PPS Foundation. Stephen’s quick thinking has earned him a bravery award. The award was made for his work in cancer research. The awards ceremony was intended to celebrate the achievements of young artists. The best director award went to Sam Mendes for ‘American Beauty’. The best documentary award went to Ugyen Wangdi for ‘Price of Letter’. The judge has the power to make damages awards. The movie deserved all the awards it received. The union is unhappy with this year’s pay award. The winning designers will receive cash awards. a business award sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce the award for best actor the numerous awards bestowed on him in his lifetime to receive an award from the Queen He received the Young Player of the Year Award. Helen received her prize at an awards ceremony in New York. She has won awards for her solo shows. Students on diploma courses may apply for a discretionary award from their local authority. The association is presenting its annual awards this week. The court must specify the different elements in its award of compensation. an award of £600 000 libel damages
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