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BrE BrE//əˈweənəs//
; NAmE NAmE//əˈwernəs//
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[uncountable, singular] awareness (of something) | awareness (that…) knowing something; knowing that something exists and is important; being interested in something an awareness of the importance of eating a healthy diet There was an almost complete lack of awareness of the issues involved. It is important that students develop an awareness of how the Internet can be used. to raise/heighten/increase public awareness of something a greater/a growing/an increasing awareness of something environmental awareness (= knowing that looking after the environment is important) Energy Awareness Week There seems to be a general awareness that this is not the solution.Extra examples Environmental awareness has increased over the years. Politicians now have much greater awareness of these problems. The group is trying to raise public awareness about homelessness. a growing awareness of healthy living a marketing campaign to increase brand awareness an increased awareness of the risks building awareness among the target audience the emergence of a new social awareness among young people A campaign has been started to increase public awareness of the dangers of unprotected sex. I seemed to have a heightened awareness of my surroundings. It’s important to develop an awareness of the way the Internet can be used. It’s the start of Breast Cancer Awareness week. Most people have little awareness of the problem. There is growing awareness of the link between diet and health. There’s a complete lack of awareness of the issues involved.
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