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    BrE BrE//bɑːθ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//bæθ//
    (pl. baths
    BrE BrE//bɑːðz//
    ; NAmE NAmE//bæðz//
    House equipment
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  1. 1  [countable] (British English) (also bathtub, informal tub North American English, British English) a large, long container that you put water in and then get into to wash your whole body see also birdbath See related entries: House equipment
  2. 2  [countable] the water in a bath/ bathtub, ready to use a long soak in a hot bath Please run a bath for me (= fill the bath with water).
  3. 3  [countable] an act of washing your whole body by sitting or lying in water I think I'll have a bath and go to bed. (especially North American English) to take a bath see also bubble bath
  4. 4baths [plural] (old-fashioned, British English) a public building where you can go to swim My father took me to the baths every Sunday. see also swimming bath, swimming pool
  5. 5[countable, usually plural] a public place where people went in the past to wash or have a bath Roman villas and baths see also Turkish bath
  6. 6[countable] (specialist) a container with a liquid such as water or a dye in it, in which something is washed or placed for a period of time. Baths are used in industrial, chemical and medical processes. see also bloodbath
  7. Word OriginOld English bæth, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bad and German Bad.Extra examples Could you run the bath for me? I lay soaking in a hot bubble bath. I’m in the bath! It’s the children’s bath time. bath taps I think I’ll have a bath and go to bed. She took the baby upstairs to give him a bath. to take a bathIdioms (North American English) to lose money on a business agreement