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    BrE BrE////
    ; NAmE NAmE////
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  1. 1(in verbs) to make or treat somebody/something as Don't belittle his achievements (= say they are not important). An older girl befriended me.
  2. 2(in adjectives ending in -ed) wearing or covered with heavily bejewelled fingers bespattered with mud
  3. 3(in verbs and adjectives ending in -ed) to cause something to be The ship was becalmed (= there was no wind so it could not move). The rebels besieged the fort.
  4. 4used to turn intransitive verbs (= without an object) into transitive verbs (= with an object) She is always bemoaning her lot. More Like This Prefixes a-, ante-, anti-, be-, co-, de-, demi-, dis-, en-, ex-, extra-, hyper-, hypo-, il-, in-, infra-, inter-, intra-, mis-, non-, off-, oft-, out-, over-, para-, post-, pre-, pro-, re-, retro-, semi-, sub-, trans-, ultra-, un-, under-, up-See worksheet.
  5. Word OriginOld English, weak form of ‘by’.
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