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believe in

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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believe in somebody


believe in something

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 to feel certain that somebody/something exists Do you believe in God?
 to feel that you can trust somebody and/or that they will be successful They need a leader they can believe in. I never thought I could make it as an actor, but my parents always believed in me. Synonymstrustdepend on somebody/​something rely on somebody/​something count on somebody/​something believe in somebodyThese words all mean to believe that somebody/​something will do what you hope or expect of them or that what they tell you is correct or true.trust to believe that somebody is good, honest, sincere, etc. and that they will do what you expect of them or do the right thing; to believe that something is true or correct:You can trust me not to tell anyone. Don’t trust what you read in the newspapers!depend on/​upon somebody/​something (often used with can/​cannot/​could/​could not) to trust somebody/​something to do what you expect or want, to do the right thing, or to be true or correct:He was the sort of person you could depend on. Can you depend on her version of what happened?rely on/​upon somebody/​something (used especially with can/​cannot/​could/​could not and should/​should not) to trust somebody/​something to do what you expect or want, or to be honest, correct or good enough:Can I rely on you to keep this secret? You can’t rely on any figures you get from them.trust, depend or rely on/​upon somebody/​something?You can trust a person but not a thing or system. You can trust somebody’s judgement or advice, but not their support. You can depend on somebody’s support, but not their judgement or advice. Rely on/​upon somebody/​something is used especially with you can/​could or you should to give advice or a promise:I don’t really rely on his judgement. You can’t really rely on his judgement.count on somebody/​something (often used with can/​cannot/​could/​could not) to be sure that somebody will do what you need them to do, or that something will happen as you want it to happen:I’m counting on you to help me. We can’t count on the good weather lasting.believe in somebody to feel that you can trust somebody and/​or that they will be successful:They need a leader they can believe in.Patterns to trust/​depend on/​rely on/​count on somebody/​something to do something to trust/​believe in somebody/​something to trust/​rely on somebody’s advice/​judgement to depend on/​rely on/​count on somebody’s support to completely trust/​depend on/​rely on/​believe in somebody/​something
 to think that something is good, right or acceptable Do you believe in capital punishment? believe in doing something I don't believe in hitting children.
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