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    (also biassed) adjective
    BrE BrE//ˈbaɪəst//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈbaɪəst//
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  1. 1biased (toward(s)/against/in favour of somebody/something) having a tendency to show favour towards or against one group of people or one opinion for personal reasons; making unfair judgements biased information/sources/press reports a biased jury/witness Their research was based on a biased sample (= a group of people/things containing more of one kind than normal, therefore not giving fair or accurate results). opposite unbiased
  2. 2biased toward(s) something/somebody having a particular interest in one thing more than others a school biased towards music and art
  3. Extra examples Managers are naturally biased towards projects showing a quick return. The methods they employed were heavily biased in favour/​favor of the rich. Health care delivery is strongly biased in favour of middle-class children. She gave a somewhat biased account of the proceedings. She maintains that the research is hopelessly biased. The article was heavily biased against the current regime. There is little doubt that most media coverage is biased. They admit that they’re biased towards the Republican Party. We’re always on the lookout for biased reporting and seek to correct it.
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