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  1. 1  bid (for something) an offer by a person or a company to pay a particular amount of money for something Granada mounted a hostile takeover bid for Forte. At the auction (= a public sale where things are sold to the person who offers the most), the highest bid for the picture was £200. Any more bids? See related entries: The art world, Cost and payment, Business deals, Online shopping
  2. 2  bid (for something) (North American English also) bid (on something) an offer to do work or provide a service for a particular price, in competition with other companies, etc. synonym tender The company submitted a bid for the contract to clean the hospital. See related entries: Business deals
  3. 3(used especially in newspapers) an effort to do something or to obtain something bid for something a bid for power bid to do something a desperate bid to escape from his attackers
  4. 4(in some card games) a statement of the number of points a player thinks he or she will win
  5. Extra examples A German firm launched a takeover bid for the company. College presidents supported his bid for the position. He attacked his guards in a desperate bid for freedom. He made a cash bid for the company. I placed a bid on a repossessed Ferrari. The highest bid was only $200. The party made a strong bid to seize power at the ballot box. They failed in their bid to buy the company. They have invited bids for the property. This play was her last bid for recognition. a $24 million bid by a rival company a bid by the president to boost his popularity a bid for the chair a bid of £100 At the auction , the highest bid for the picture was £200 000. The company mounted a hostile takeover bid for its rival. a bid on the contract
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