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    BrE BrE//bleɪd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//bleɪd//
    Parts of a plane, How machines work
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  1. 1  the flat part of a knife, tool or machine, which has a sharp edge or edges for cutting see also razor blade, switchblade
  2. 2one of the flat parts that turn around in an engine or on a helicopter the blades of a propeller rotor blades on a helicopter See related entries: Parts of a plane, How machines work
  3. 3the flat wide part of an oar (= one of the long poles that are used to row1 a boat) that goes in the water
  4. 4a single flat leaf of grass Not a blade of grass stirred.
  5. 5the flat metal part on the bottom of an ice skate
  6. see also shoulder blade
    Word OriginOld English blæd ‘leaf of a plant’ (also in sense (2)), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch blad and German Blatt.Extra examples He swung the blade with all his strength. a helicopter’s rotor blades Knife blades are generally made of stainless steel. Razor blades should always be sharp. The machine comes with a plastic guard over the blade to protect the operator. The prisoner used a hacksaw blade to cut through the bars. The swordsmen weaved and dodged as their blades clashed over and over again.
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