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BrE BrE//ˈblɪsfl//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈblɪsfl//
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extremely happy; showing happiness We spent three blissful weeks away from work. a blissful smile We preferred to remain in blissful ignorance of (= not to know) what was going on. Synonymshappysatisfied content contented joyful blissfulThese words all describe feeling, showing or giving pleasure or satisfaction.happy feeling, showing or giving pleasure; satisfied with something or not worried about it:a happy marriage/​memory/​childhood I said I’d go, just to keep him happy.satisfied pleased because you have achieved something or because something has happened as you wanted it to; showing this satisfaction:She’s never satisfied with what she’s got. a satisfied smilecontent [not before noun] happy and satisfied with what you have:I’m perfectly content just to lie in the sun.contented happy and comfortable with what you have; showing this:a contented baby a long contented sighcontent or contented?Being contented depends more on having a comfortable life; being content can depend more on your attitude to your life: you can have to be content or learn to be content. People or animals can be contented but only people can be content.joyful (rather formal) very happy; making people very happyblissful making people very happy; showing this happiness:three blissful weeks away joyful or blissful? Joy is a livelier feeling; bliss is more peaceful.Patterns happy/​satisfied/​content/​contented with something a happy/​satisfied/​contented/​blissful smile a happy/​joyful occasion/​celebration to feel happy/​satisfied/​content/​contented/​joyful very/​perfectly/​quite happy/​satisfied/​content/​contented See related entries: Happiness
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