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    BrE BrE//ˈbɒdi//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈbɑːdi//
    (pl. bodies) Describing hair, Parts of a car
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    of person/animal
  1. 1  [countable] the whole physical structure of a human or an animal a human/female/male/naked body parts of the body His whole body was trembling. body fat/weight/temperature/size/heat The heart pumps blood around the body. Vocabulary BuildingActions expressing emotionsOften parts of the body are closely linked to particular verbs. The combination of the verb and part of the body expresses an emotion or attitude. bite/​lick/​purse your lips: you are nervous/​anticipating something good/​disapproving clench your fist: you are angry, aggressive click/​drum/​tap your fingers: you are trying to remember something/​impatient click your tongue: you are annoyed hang/​nod/​scratch/​shake your head: you are ashamed/​agreeing/​puzzled/​disagreeing raise your eyebrows: you are enquiring, surprised shrug your shoulders: you are doubtful, indifferent stamp your foot: you are angry wrinkle your nose: you are feeling dislike or distaste wrinkle your forehead: you are puzzledFor example:She bit her lip nervously. He scratched his head and looked thoughtful. I wrinkled my nose in disgust. She raised questioning eyebrows.
  2. 2  [countable] the main part of a body not including the head, or not including the head, arms and legs She had injuries to her head and body. He has a large body, but thin legs.
  3. 3  [countable] the body of a dead person or animal a dead body The family of the missing girl has been called in by the police to identify the body.
  4. main part
  5. 4[singular] the body of something the main part of something, especially a building, a vehicle or a book, an article, etc. the body of a plane (= the central part where the seats are) the main body of the text See related entries: Parts of a car
  6. group of people
  7. 5  [countable + singular or plural verb] a group of people who work or act together, often for an official purpose, or who are connected in some other way a regulatory/an advisory/a review body The governing body of the school is/are concerned about discipline. recognized professional bodies such as the Law Association An independent body has been set up to investigate the affair. A large body of people will be affected by the tax cuts. The protesters marched in a body (= all together) to the White House. a meeting of representatives of the student body and teaching staff
  8. large amount
  9. 6[countable] body of something a large amount or collection of something a vast body of evidence/information/research large bodies of water (= lakes or seas) There is a powerful body of opinion against the ruling.
  10. object
  11. 7[countable] (formal) an object heavenly bodies (= stars, planets, etc.) an operation to remove a foreign body (= something that would not usually be there) from a wound
  12. of drink/hair
  13. 8[uncountable] the full strong flavour of alcoholic drinks or the thick healthy quality of somebody’s hair a wine with plenty of body Regular use of conditioner is supposed to give your hair more body. See related entries: Describing hair
  14. -bodied
  15. 9(in adjectives) having the type of body mentioned full-bodied red wines soft-bodied insects see also able-bodied More Like This Compound adjectives for physical characteristics -beaked, -bellied, -billed, -blooded, -bodied, -cheeked, -chested, -eared, -eyed, -faced, -fingered, -footed, -haired, -handed, -headed, -hearted, -hipped, -lidded, -limbed, -mouthed, -necked, -nosed, -skinned, -tailed, -throated, -toothedSee worksheet.
  16. clothing
  17. 10 [countable] (British English) (North American English bodysuit) a piece of clothing which fits tightly over a woman’s upper body and bottom, usually fastening between the legs
  18. Word OriginOld English bodig, of unknown origin.Extra examples Extreme heat may cause changes in the body. Freedom of speech is necessary for the health of the body politic. Her whole body trembled. Pain racked her body. She still had the marks from the ropes on her body. Stars are celestial bodies. The bar is in the main body of the hotel. The body count is growing all the time. The students marched in a body to the government offices. The two islands are separated by a large body of water. They removed a foreign body from her eye. a large body of evidence soldiers who come home in body bags to maintain your ideal body weight Although parts were scattered over the surrounding fields, the main body of the plane had landed in one piece. An independent body has been set up to regulate the telecommunications sector. Astrology extends back to the time when people worshipped the heavenly bodies as gods. He pulled the sheet up over his naked body. He underwent an operation to remove a foreign body from the wound. Her whole body was trembling. His body is being brought back to his home town for burial. Most of the body panels on a Land Rover are aluminium. The government is consulting trade unions and other professional bodies. The new car body weighed 9.55 tonnes. There are some references in the main body of the text. They asked for funds from Gymnastics USA, the sport’s governing body. body fat/​tissues body weight/​size/​temperature/​heat the body of the planeIdioms with all your energy She committed herself body and soul to fighting for the cause.
    keep body and soul together
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    to stay alive with just enough of the food, clothing, etc. that you need synonym survive They barely have enough money to keep body and soul together.
    not have a… bone in your body
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    (informal) to have none of the quality mentioned She was honest and hard-working, and didn't have an unkind bone in her body.
    (informal) used to show you are strongly opposed to something She moves into our home over my dead body. to have sex with somebody in exchange for money
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