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BrE BrE//buːz//
; NAmE NAmE//buːz//
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[uncountable] (informal) alcoholic drink Now he’s off the booze (= he has given up drinking alcohol), he’s a different person. See related entries: Addiction Word OriginMiddle English bouse, from Middle Dutch būsen ‘drink to excess’. The spelling booze dates from the 18th cent.Extra examples He turned to booze= started drinking a lot of alcohol when his wife died. He was dry for years but now he’s back on the booze. I could smell booze on his breath. She’s been off the booze for a month now. She’s still trying to kick the booze. There was free booze at the party. We need to take some booze to the party. The party was great but we had run out of booze by midnight. They went to buy some cheap booze.
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