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BrE BrE//bɔːd//
; NAmE NAmE//bɔːrd//
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  • feeling tired and impatient because you have lost interest in somebody/something or because you have nothing to do There was a bored expression on her face. bored with/of somebody/something | bored with/of doing something The children quickly got bored with staying indoors.
  • Extra examples He seemed faintly bored by the whole process. He walked along, bored out of his mind. He was bored with their conversation. I remember being bored stiff during my entire time at school. She was alone all day and bored to death. Some children get bored very quickly. bored at the prospect of going shopping Personally, I was bored to death. The others began to look bored. You must be bored stiff stuck at home all day.Idioms
    be scared/bored witless
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    (informal) to be extremely frightened or bored See related entries: Stupid, Fear
    bored stiff, bored to death/tears, bored out of your mind
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    (informal) extremely bored
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