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build in

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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Phrasal Verbs

    build somethingin


    build something into something

    [often passive]
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  1. 1to make something a permanent part of a larger structure We're having new wardrobes built in. Manufacturers are now building modems into new computers. The pipes were built into the concrete. Synonymsbuildconstruct assemble erect put something upThese words all mean to make something, especially by putting different parts together.build to make something, especially a building, by putting parts together:a house built of stone They’re going to build on the site of the old power station.construct [often passive] (rather formal) to build something such as a road, building or machineassemble (rather formal) to fit together all the separate parts of something such as a piece of furniture or a machine:The cupboard is easy to assemble.erect (formal) to build something; to put something in position and make it stand upright:Police had to erect barriers to keep crowds back.put something up to build something or place something somewhere:They’re putting up new hotels in order to boost tourism in the area.Patterns to build/​construct/​erect/​put up a house/​wall to build/​construct/​erect/​put up some shelves to build/​construct/​erect/​put up a barrier/​fence/​shelter to build/​construct/​assemble a(n) engine/​machine to build/​construct a road/​railway/​railroad/​tunnel to erect/​put up a tent/​statue/​monument
  2. 2to make something a permanent part of a system, plan, etc. A certain amount of flexibility is built into the system. see also built-in
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