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BrE BrE//ˈkæmərə//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈkæmərə//
Film-making equipment, Producing TV shows
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  • a piece of equipment for taking photographs, moving pictures or television pictures Just point the camera and press the button. Cameras started clicking as soon as she stepped out of the car. a TV/video camera a camera crew See related entries: Film-making equipment, Producing TV shows
  • Word Originnoun mid 19th cent.: from camera obscura, from Latin ‘dark chamber’.in camera. late 17th cent. (denoting a council or legislative chamber in Italy or Spain): from Latin, ‘vault, arched chamber’, from Greek kamara ‘object with an arched cover’.Extra examples A security camera caught her shoplifting. Closed-circuit cameras have been installed throughout the building. He couldn’t bring himself to face the cameras and left by a back exit. He couldn’t bring himself to face the waiting cameras. He played his first game in front of the TV cameras. I bought a disposable camera from the gift shop. Police are checking security camera footage. She stepped onto the balcony and a thousand cameras clicked. Simply point your camera at the subject and press the button. The camera can be operated remotely. The camera has caught the expression on the Queen’s face beautifully. The camera lingers on a close-up of her face. The camera was mounted on a hang-glider. The camera zoomed in on a picture above the fireplace. The crews have been setting up their cameras. The director gave the signal and the cameras rolled. The documentary was shot using a hand-held digital camera. The film was taken by a camera mounted on a hang-glider. The incident occurred off camera. The moment was caught on camera. The outgoing and incoming presidents posed for the cameras. a mobile phone with a built-in camera the highest-resolution camera phone on the marketIdioms (law) in a judge’s private room, without the press or the public being present The trial was held in camera. being filmed or shown on television Are you prepared to tell your story on camera? See related entries: Producing TV shows
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