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BrE BrE//ˈkændi//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈkændi//
[uncountable, countable] (pl. candies) (North American English) Sweets and desserts
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  • sweet food made of sugar and/or chocolate, eaten between meals; a piece of this synonym sweet a box of candy a candy store a candy bar Who wants the last piece of candy? see also arm candy, eye candy See related entries: Sweets and desserts
  • Word Originmid 17th cent. (as a verb): the noun use is from late Middle English sugar-candy, from French sucre candi ‘crystallized sugar’, from Arabic sukkar ‘sugar’ + qandī ‘candied’, based on Sanskrit khaṇḍa ‘fragment’.Extra examples People were celebrating in the streets and handing out candy. Taking the money would be like taking candy from a baby. The kids made straight for the candy aisle. a low-fat alternative to candy barsIdioms
    be like taking candy from a baby
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    (informal) used to emphasize how easy it is to do something I thought it was going to be difficult to get funding for the project, but in the end it was like taking candy from a baby.
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