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care for

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  1. 1  to look after somebody who is sick, very old, very young, etc. synonym take care of She moved back home to care for her elderly parents. Which Word?take care of / look after / care for You can take care of or, especially in British English, look after someone who is very young, very old, or sick, or something that needs keeping in good condition: We’ve asked my mother to take care of/​look after the kids while we’re away.You can borrow my camera if you promise to take care of/​look after it. In more formal language you can also care for someone: She does some voluntary work, caring for the elderly, but care for is more commonly used to mean ‘like’: I don’t really care for spicy food. see also uncared for See related entries: Medical equipment
  2. 2to love or like somebody very much He cared for her more than she realized. Synonymslovelike be fond of somebody adore be devoted to somebody care for somebody dote on somebodyThese words all mean to have feelings of love or affection for somebody.love to have strong feelings of affection for somebody:I love you.like to find somebody pleasant and enjoy being with them:She’s nice. I like her.be fond of somebody to feel affection for somebody, especially somebody you have known for a long time:I’ve always been very fond of your mother.adore to love somebody very much:It’s obvious that she adores him.be devoted to somebody to love somebody very much and be loyal to them:They are devoted to their children.care for somebody to love somebody, especially in a way that is based on strong affection or a feeling of wanting to protect them, rather than sex:He cared for her more than she realized. Care for somebody is often used when somebody has not told anyone about their feelings or is just starting to be aware of them. It is also used when somebody wishes that somebody loved them, or doubts that somebody does:If he really cared for you, he wouldn’t behave like that.dote on somebody to feel and show great love for somebody, ignoring their faults:He dotes on his children.Patterns to really love/​like/​adore/​care for/​dote on somebody to be really/​genuinely fond of/​devoted to somebody to love/​like/​care for somebody very much
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