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    BrE BrE//ˈkɑːnɪvl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈkɑːrnɪvl//
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  1. 1[countable, uncountable] a public festival, usually one that happens at a regular time each year, that involves music and dancing in the streets, for which people wear brightly coloured clothes There is a local carnival every year. the carnival in Rio a carnival atmosphere
  2. 2[countable] (North American English) = fair
  3. 3(North American English) (British English fete, fair) [countable] an outdoor entertainment at which people can play games to win prizes, buy food and drink, etc., usually arranged to make money for a special purpose
  4. 4[singular] carnival of something (formal) an exciting or brightly coloured mixture of things this summer’s carnival of sport
  5. Word Originmid 16th cent.: from Italian carnevale, carnovale, from medieval Latin carnelevamen, carnelevarium ‘Shrovetide’, from Latin caro, carn- ‘flesh’ + levare ‘put away’.
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